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Meet the Angels of Aces

Get to know your favorite Angels


Natalia Moon

DJ | Singer | Actress

Based out of Las Vegas, Natalia Moon has made a name for herself as a talented DJ, Singer and Actress before joining the Angels of Aces team.

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Rachel Anne

Model | MMA Ring Girl | Zakari Luxe CEO

Before her time as an Angel, Rachel Anne has made a name for herself as not only as a Model and MMA Ring Girl, but also as as CEO of Zakari Luxe, a successful jewlery, candle and home goods e-store.

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Jaymi Westra

Miss Swimsuit USA Finalist | Realtor | Model

In her professional career before the Angels of Aces, Jaymi Westra has established herself as a successful Las Vegas Realtor and Model, even becoming a finalist in the Miss USA Swimsuit Competition.

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Lexi C.

Model | Actress | DJ

Lexi C. is known as not only a Model, but also as a very talented Creator, Actress and DJ - All before joining the ranks of the Angels of Aces. 

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